Old Cermetek Modem Configuration

  1. Verify the VEDAS is not powered
  2. Verify you have the Program Terminal connected to the VEDAS, and that you have your terminal application properly setup, and running
  3. Reconnect power to the VEDAS
  4. If internal baud rate is set to 0 / Autobaud press the SPACE bar then Enter, until the Main Menu is displayed, otherwise the Main Menu will be displayed automatically
  5. Press 6 to enter the VEDAS II Configuration Menu
  6. Press 8 to enter the Setup Modem Interface menu
  7. For Modem Type, select option 4=Internal (Old Cermetek)
  8. Adjust other values according to your requirements.
  9. Return to the Main Menu, by pressing ESC
  10. Press 10 to Archive Program Parameters
  11. Disconnect power from the VEDAS
  12. The VEDAS is now configured to use the old XUL type cermetek modem.

Background Information:

The above procedure must be completed quickly, due to a bug in the old XUL model modems, which do not support automatic sleep mode, when the modem enters sleep mode, it stops responding.

VEDAS's default modem configuration is to use this feature, since all newer models support it. By setting the modem type to 4, VEDAS controls the power on/off state of the modem manually.