VEDASII Upgrade Instructions

Install the latest version of Valcom Terminal B0.9.27

Before you start the upgrade make sure you copy the v1.24.vug or/and v1.25.vug file in your user folder: C:\Documents and Settings\”user name”. Valcom Terminal will open that folder by default anytime you have to choose a file.

The v1.25.vug VEDAS firmware has the goes expanded channels capability allowing the user to set up on domestic band on channels above channel 200.

The upgrade will take up to 15 minutes depending on the speed of your computer.

  • Open Valcom Terminal – it will ask for the COM port that the VEDAS will be connected to
  • Connect the VEDAS II (Program Terminal) to the PC’s port
  • Power on the logger
  • Press space to enter the main menu
  • Under the Commands menu, click Upgrade Vedas II
  • The Valcom Terminal will ask for the upgrade package, the v1.25.vug
  • Select the file and press OK
  • Watch the bottom status window to make sure no errors occur during the firmware upgrade
  • Once the upgrade is done, the window will disappear, and a message at the bottom will say upgrade complete
  • To initialize VEDAS push ESC in the terminal
  • If an error occurs during the upload, in most cases you can recover by re-uploading the firmware
    • Press enter in the terminal, make sure you have the ‘ prompt
    • As above, click Upgrade VEDAS II under the Command menu


Java Runtime Environment

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Valcom Terminal B0.9.27

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V1.24 Upgrade Package

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V1.25 Upgrade Package

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