VGOES Upgrade Instructions

Install the latest version of Valcom Terminal B0.9.27

Before you start the upgrade make sure you copy the v102.vvug file in your user folder: C:\Documents and Settings\”user name”. Valcom Terminal will open that folder by default anytime you have to choose a file.

WARNING: VEDAS must have at least v1.24 version on it for the upgrade to be successful. You must upgrade VEDAS to v1.24 or v1.25 before you attempt a vgoes upgrade to v102.

The v102.vvug VGOES firmware is covering the domestic band channels above channel 200 and it will work in combination with v1.25 VEDAS firmware which allows the setting for channel numbers above 200.

If you are not using channels above 200 the v1.24 VEDAS firmware and the present v101 VGOES firmware are sufficient.

The upgrade will take up to 20 minutes depending on the speed of your computer, answer the on screen questions and do not interrupt the process.

  • Connect to VEDAS using Valcom Terminal version B0.9.27.
  • Once the logger is running open the VGOES menu at the top of the Valcom Terminal window.
  • Choose Upgrade Firmware
  • A window will open asking for the upgrade package, the v102.vvug file.
  • Select your v102.vvug file and press OK
  • The unit will start collecting the inside information for vedas and vgoes and you will see the screen scrolling on the main window. Do not interrupt.
  • Another window will open with “Use an Existing Factory Settings File?”
  • Select NO if it’s your first attempt to upgrade the vgoes and, in the next window that opens, write a name for the factory settings file that will be saved from vgoes.
  • Let the upgrade run until “upgrade complete” comes up on bottom status window
  • The unit will be in VEDAS’ main menu at this point
  • Go to transparent mode, option 8, 1, and then CTRL-T
  • The vgoes is on configuration menu
  • Make sure you have [2] stop on power <no> (start running program on power up), if not, press 2 to change and then 8 to save the change
  • Press ESC to exit the configuration menu
  • Once in stop menu press 1 to start the run mode
  • Press CTRL-T three times to return to the VEDAS menu
  • Re-edit task 49 and save the new vgoes configuration.


Always restart your Valcom Terminal and VEDAS before you attempt to re-upgrade.

Before trying to upgrade the second time check the user folder for the factory settings file that you created during the first attempt. If it’s not there you will have to create it again by answering NO when the question “Use an Existing Factory Setting File?” comes up.

If your user folder contains the factory settings file answer YES to “Use an Existing Factory Settings File?” question and select that file when prompted to do so.

Depending on what point the upgrade failed you will encounter one or more of the following:

“Stop mode firmware is already up to date. Re-install it anyway?” – Either YES or NO will work (a YES will reload the factory settings and you will be prompted for the factory settings file)

“Communication in progress, continue anyway?” – click OK (“cancel” option will cancel your upgrade)


Java Runtime Environment

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Valcom Terminal B0.9.27

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V1.0.1 Upgrade Package

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V1.0.2 Upgrade Package

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